Hangzhou Caifull Precision Machinery Co.,ltd.(CFAIR COMPRESSOR),headquartered in Hangzhou, is a professional portable air compressor manufacturer dedicated to offering the world-leading diesel compressors in the world.Since 45 years of industry accumulation,we serve customers world wide.We maintain the close relationship with customers and market. With your valuable suggestions,we keep on growing and innovation for making diesel air compressor on top.

Developers travel around the world to investigate the market and develop machines that reflect the needs of the global market according to the research results. In recent years, compliance with new emission standards and regulations, taking into account environmental impacts has become the basis for this research and ensuring that all compressors meet the re-established standards for each standard.
In addition, we develop environmentally friendly and user-friendly, safe and durable machines that are easy to maintain at the front line of design.


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Dedicated on providing pro-environment and reliable engine drived air compressors to global customers